1208- Feedback is Payback


Betcha thought I didn’t own anything but Pennywise.  I do actually have one more PW cd but it’s in another cd case and at some point I stopped putting my cds in any kind of order.  We’ve got a few hundred to go before we get there.  This album does have a PW connection though- Fletcher Dragge of PW did co-produce it.

Ah, 1208, what to say about you guys.  This cd was stuck in my cd player in the car for months when I was in high school.  I absolutely loved it.  I saw them a few times and I still have a couple 1208 shirts.  I also thought Alex the lead singer was cute.  I popped it in the other day (I am a few days behind with the posts) and immediately somehow remembered all of the lyrics.  I haven’t listened to this cd in years.  Isn’t it amazing how our brains do that?  I still like a few of these songs quite a bit.  The first track,”1988,” is probably my favorite of this album with many close seconds.


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