Death By Stereo- If Looks Could Kill, I’d Watch You Die


Now for something a bit faster.  I first heard this band on a Punk-O-Rama compilation by Epitaph Records.  Remember comps?  I’ve got a few and we’ll hear those somewhere down the road.  One of the first times I saw them, they were opening for A.F.I. at the RIMAC Arena at UCSD and I must say not a whole lot of people were there for them.  I enjoyed the hell out of it though.  They are consistently a high energy band when they perform.  This album I love.  I really haven’t chosen a favorite DBS album yet.  It’s like choosing a favorite child with DBS albums for me.  I love them all equally for their different qualities.  This is a raw, straight forward, hardcore punk album.  Simple and I love it.  I listened to this one twice.  Although this album is their first, it wasn’t the first one I picked up but we’ll get into that tomorrow.


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