Death By Stereo- day of the death


Yes.  This was the first Death By Stereo cd I bought. I had heard a song from this album on one of the Punk-O-Rama cds.  And I bought this cd where? The Wherehouse of course! They were closing their doors, one of many record store closings that would soon follow.  So I got this cd for like $7 new.  I popped it in and it was love at first listen.  How can you not like a band with song titles like “You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With The Whole Burrito” and “Testosterone Makes The World Go Round.”  “Desperation Train” is probably my favorite track of this one.  They are still fairly hardcore on this album, the metal-ness is more prevalent on the next album.


Death By Stereo- If Looks Could Kill, I’d Watch You Die


Now for something a bit faster.  I first heard this band on a Punk-O-Rama compilation by Epitaph Records.  Remember comps?  I’ve got a few and we’ll hear those somewhere down the road.  One of the first times I saw them, they were opening for A.F.I. at the RIMAC Arena at UCSD and I must say not a whole lot of people were there for them.  I enjoyed the hell out of it though.  They are consistently a high energy band when they perform.  This album I love.  I really haven’t chosen a favorite DBS album yet.  It’s like choosing a favorite child with DBS albums for me.  I love them all equally for their different qualities.  This is a raw, straight forward, hardcore punk album.  Simple and I love it.  I listened to this one twice.  Although this album is their first, it wasn’t the first one I picked up but we’ll get into that tomorrow.

1208- Turn of the Screw



This is the follow up to 1208’s debut album Feedback Is Payback.  I must say, it was really disappointing.  They got a lot more melodic and emo and bleh the second time around.  They lost their fire.  A couple of songs are OK but that’s it.  I was kind of bored while listening to it but I persisted in the name of integrity.  The band did kind of disappear about a year after this album came out.  Maybe this album is why.  

1208- Feedback is Payback


Betcha thought I didn’t own anything but Pennywise.  I do actually have one more PW cd but it’s in another cd case and at some point I stopped putting my cds in any kind of order.  We’ve got a few hundred to go before we get there.  This album does have a PW connection though- Fletcher Dragge of PW did co-produce it.

Ah, 1208, what to say about you guys.  This cd was stuck in my cd player in the car for months when I was in high school.  I absolutely loved it.  I saw them a few times and I still have a couple 1208 shirts.  I also thought Alex the lead singer was cute.  I popped it in the other day (I am a few days behind with the posts) and immediately somehow remembered all of the lyrics.  I haven’t listened to this cd in years.  Isn’t it amazing how our brains do that?  I still like a few of these songs quite a bit.  The first track,”1988,” is probably my favorite of this album with many close seconds.

Pennywise- The Fuse


There’s a fun memory to go along with this cd.  The album itself is meh.  When this album was about to drop, Lou’s Records in San Diego had a special pre-order deal with this cd.  If you pre-ordered the cd you got the cd (duh), some stickers and a ticket to go to a special concert on Catalina Island.  My best friend Jennifer and I were so there.  So we pre-ordered, drove up to the Long Beach cruise ship terminal, hopped a boat to Catalina Island and had a bitchin time.  The stage was set up in a park with a plywood barricade.  I distinctly remember a girl near me saying ” I think I have a splinter in my nipple” because of that awful and questionable barricade.  We wandered around Catalina during the day.  Unfortunately, we weren’t old enough to rent a golf cart and the mini golf course was way busy.  We did find a nice arcade and eat some food though.  I think the kids that lived in Catalina got into the show for free which was pretty cool.  Death By Stereo was one of the opening bands and also one of my favorites at the time as well.  It was an awesome day.  The only non-awesome part was having to drive back to San Diego from Long Beach after it was all over.  I’m sure I have pictures from all of this. I should probably work on posting some in the future…

Pennywise- From the Ashes



This cd was ok.  To me, it’s a bit more poppy sounding than the previous 6 albums.  Also, increasingly more political than the last.  At the time this came out, George W. Bush was still president, 9/11 had happened and the War on Terrorism had been declared.  I definitely remember the last fact well because that war was declared on my 18th birthday.  Every year after until the war ended, there was a anti-war protest on or around my birthday.  “Rise Up” and “Now I Know” are my two favorites off this record.

Pennywise- Land Of The Free?




“Fuck Authority.”  Somehow this was the single off this album.  Heavily edited of course.  I got this cd as a 16th birthday present.  This album is a bit more political than the rest which makes sense considering the time- George W. Bush was president.  Solid album and good follow-up to my favorite, Straight Ahead.  I still have have a few promo stickers from this album that I picked up at Warped Tour which simply say FUCK AUTHORITY.  Perfect.